1. Drugs

    Are just too easy to get back into…

    I would feel worse if I had sought out an opportunity but I basically had someone from work ask me outright if I smoked anything other than cigarettes…

    I replied from time to time and last weekend I ended up meeting up for a smoke.

    Now another weekend comes up and I’ll be smoking again.

    Bring it on!

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  2. Horny…

    And a little hungover….

    Can you help?

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  3. Another day…

    And more shit to brush off.

    Need to ensure I don’t end up in these situations quite as often….

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  4. Shit happens

    Now go and clean yourself on and get on with it.

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  5. Epiphany #1

    So giving up smoking weed a month or so ago (without cutting down and just moving to another country) has caught up with me again.

    I’m 90% sure I’m now feeling low and depressed as my body gets used to normality again and not the highs I would experience on a daily basis.

    This has been a massive challenge in the past before but now being in a totally different country and working has made it hit me like a brick wall.

    And I’ve not got many people I can talk about it with.

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  6. Another lonely Sunday….

    So I’ve come to Tumblr to see if anyone wants to ask me anything or just have a chat….

    Would I be interested in something only suitable for over 18s?


    But I’m also just looking to get to know someone.

    If you’re keen, ask away.

    Key facts:

    28 years old
    6’5 and ‘cuddly’
    From the uk
    Currently in India for work

    Ask away

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  7. Mmmmmmmm

    Drinks are taking effect….

    Definitely didn’t expect one of the guys I was out with to down a pint quicker than I could. Then definitely didn’t expect a third party to down two pints quicker than both of us….

    Oh well a good night all in all and hopefully not too bad a hangover tomorrow..

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  8. Please stop….

    Staring at me…

    Or at least just have a short stare as after a month I’m beginning to get pretty tired of it…..

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  9. Sleep is my

    Best friend.

    And that’s not to say I don’t like people but rarely do sleep and I not have a great time.

    Long week with some shit days and yet a nice lie in and a lazy Saturday morning and I’m feeling better and looking forward to some plans this afternoon and another lazy day tomorrow.

    Coffee is my other best friend that helps me get over when sleep and I aren’t supposed to hang out too much and right now we’re having a blast!

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  10. Exhausted.

    And attention seeking

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